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Where to stay in Pattaya

Where to Stay in Pattaya

Not the most glamorous of Thai destinations Pattaya is in our opinion a little bit underrated. Located only 1.5 hours to the South of Bangkok, this beach resort certainly has a lot more going for it, than most people give it credit for. We aim to promoted the city in our guide of where to stay in Pattaya.

Ask anyone overseas what their thoughts are on Pattaya. Most likely they will have a fairly negative view on the city.

But is this view justified? Well once it certainly was, back in the day shortly after the Vietnam war, the whole city existed to service the needs of sex tourists. The area remained a mecca for sex tourists for several decades after.

But it’s more recent history is a lot different, the city has slowly undergone a major change of image. Yes the girls and the Go Go’s still remain in certain areas, but they now represent only a very small part whats on offer.

Pattaya has slowly but surely started to attract a more mainstream visitor, now package tourists, families and couples far outweigh the seedy old men.

With such a varied visitor, Pattaya has to have the accommodation to cater, and this it certainly does. All over Pattaya you will find a wide range of accommodation options to suit all different budgets. Large international 5star resorts sit side by side with small privately owned guesthouse.

Our guide of where to stay in Pattaya will make sure you find the best place for your vacation.

Central Pattaya

Staying central Pattaya includes the area around Pattaya Beach and Second Road. And from North Pattaya road to South Pattaya road.

This is a fairly large area in itself, and there are little areas within.

Within the central area there is something everyone. The range of accommodation on offer will suit every taste and budget.

The main advantages of staying in the center of Pattaya, means most things you could possibly want are right on your doorstep. Within walking distance you will find an abundance of restaurants, bars, attractions and shopping.

This is the best place to stay in Pattaya if you are after an active time whilst you are here? The public transport system means getting further afield is also pretty easy.

If you choose to stay here the following will all be within walking distance of your hotel, and if not only a short baht bus ride away :-

  • Walking Street
  • Pattaya Beach
  • Central Festival Shopping Mall
  • Bali Hai pier (for trips to coral island)
  • Dive shops
  • Pattaya Night bazaar

There are numerous options for all budgets here, basic rooms in a guest house start around 500thb, and the top 5 star hotels such as Dusit Thani or the Hilton can be upwards of 5000thb a night for the luxury suites.

We wouldn’t really recommend staying in Central Pattaya if your after a quiet time, or a with a family with young kids. It is busy an d bustling and the noise can be loud at night.


Located to the south of Pattaya and about 2km from the center is the second most popular place for holiday makers. Jomtien is a lot more relaxed than staying in the center of Pattaya, although it still offers those hi choose this part plenty to do within walking distance. Jomtien is also connected to the center of the city via baht bus. Meaning if you do stay here, you are not too far away from the buzz.

This half moon crescent bay has arguably a better beach than Pattaya, and it is certainly a quiet beach. Jomtien also offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars for a little evening entertainment, don’t worry its not crazy like walking street.

Benefits of staying in Jomtien:-

  • Much Quieter than Central Pattaya
  • Lovely beach
  • Many international restaurants
  • Large Thai style market
  • Many dive shops
  • Easy to get to the center and further beyond for exploring

We recommend staying in Jomtien to anyone who wants a more relaxed time from there holiday, whilst still be close enough to the action to enjoy it when you want.


Located to the north of Pattaya Naklua generallt refers to the area north of Pattaya Naklua road, and is connected to the center via the baht bus system.

This is the most recent addition to the accommodation scene in the city and is home to some of the best and largest resorts on offer.

Naklua is much quieter than both Jomtien and the center of Pattaya. It is the best place to stay if your looking for truly relaxing time. The resorts here offer everything you could want from a relaxing spa style break,

Best bits of staying in Naklua include:-

  • Large luxury style resorts
  • Stunning and very quiet beach
  • Lots of large top restaurants
  • Easily connected to the rest of the city
  • Family friendly
  • No girls or GoGo’s

We recommend staying in Naklua for those with children and those looking for luxury.

Na Jomtien

Technically an extension of Jomtien, Na Jomtien is the area further south along the Jomtien bay. Although the distinction between the Jomtien and here is hard to define geographically, the difference between staying in either place is obvious.

Na Jomtien offers it’s residence a lot more luxury than main Jomtien, with mainly 5 star beach resorts on offer. The area outside of the resorts doesn’t offer much, mainly a few restaurants and a few quiet bars.

Phratunmak / Cosy beach

Not very well known among first time visitors, Phratumnak is a small peninsular between Jomtien and the center of Pattaya. This area has long been a favorite of the regular visitor and expats.

Again there is not really a lot to do here, there is the beach which is nice an quiet and great for a relaxing day. In the Cosy Beach part there are is more to do, with a slightly livelier scene but still not as crazy as the center.

We would really only advise staying here if your a regular and know your way around the city.

As we said the city has something for everyone and accommodation to suit. Prices vary on property type, location but mainly on season. To get the best value we would recommend using a price comparison site like Hotels Combined, who will scan all the major travel agencies to instantly find you the best price for you.

If you have any thoughts or would like some advice don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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